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10 tips to make your workday more productive

While your job should be fun, it can sometimes be difficult to stay productive day in and day out. It's the smallest things that can make the biggest difference when it comes to efficiency and productivity in the workplace. We've got 10 tips here.

1. Get rid of clutter
Cleaning and organizing your workplace helps enormously. If everything is tidy, all you have to do is focus on your tasks and you will be more productive.

2. Make a schedule
Go to work a little earlier and make a to-do list of tasks and plans for the day before you start. This will help you to work in a focused way.

3. Put the phone away
If you think about it, how much time do you spend on your phone every day? Probably more than you'd like to admit. Stop wasting your time and put your phone away during your workday because it only creates a distraction.

4. Prepare for Monday and Friday
Monday is the most annoying day of the week, and we are all looking forward to Friday. Set a goal for Monday, treat yourself when you hit it, and take the last 25 minutes of Friday to get organized for the next week.

5. Leave the workplace for lunch
The lunch break can disrupt your routine, but it provides much-needed relaxation and respite from work. Enjoy a walk during the lunch break and come back with renewed energy and focus.

6. Organize your email
Make sure your inbox is organized, especially if you receive a lot of emails every day. Use folders and filters to keep your email inbox organized, just like a tidy desk or closet.

7. Take advantage of technology
Nowadays there are many apps available to help you with almost everything in everyday life, and there are plenty available for the workplace too. You can also use the calendar on your computer for warnings and reminders.

8. Get creative with stationery
Office supplies can be functional in many ways other than what they are intended for. For example, with paper clips you can keep the cords of the computer and telephone tidy, with tape you can remove dust from your desk or keyboard and with different colors of post its you can keep tasks separate.

9. Maximize Your Day
Maximizing your day is doing the right tasks at the right time. You'll be more productive in the morning than later in the afternoon, so start with the most important tasks in the morning to make sure you get them done.

10. Keep it professional
Don't respond to personal emails and personal phone calls at work. Do that on your own time. Going through a divorce can help you focus better and get more done in a day. If you have important personal tasks to do, do it during your lunch break.