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Tips for better Instagram engagement

Getting success on social media platforms is not easy; if it was easy anyone could do it. It takes effort and experience in understanding which tactics and techniques will deliver lasting results that allow a company not only to stay competitive in a particular niche, but also to stand out. So here are 10 tips for better Instagram engagement.

Social media marketing success is a combination of hard work, preparation and learning from your own or someone else's mistakes. When it comes to Instagram, a good marketing plan is built from the ground up with a solid foundation of basic concepts. Posts should be in and around the business niche. A theme should be developed that matches your brand and then applied consistently to each post. Also, you should strive to interact with users as this is a social platform that gives substance to interacting with and interacting with people. Beyond the basics, these 10 tips can increase Instagram engagement:

1. Use a content calendar – while random photos and content that happen “in the moment” can be very effective, consistency is an important aspect of engagement on social platforms. Regular posts feed a hungry audience and so does planning. In addition, using a content calendar provides better planning, not only for managing campaigns across multiple platforms, but also sufficient time for both pre- and post-production on photos and content.

2. Stay within a theme – a brand should develop a theme or style on Instagram and then use photos and content that cohesively fit within that theme. That way, everything will flow smoothly no matter where someone jumps in the stream. Coherence and consistency help build your brand, making it easier to identify.

3. Use a photo editor – If a business is serious about marketing on Instagram, using photo editing tools is a must. Images should stand out on this platform and with good editing tools you can enhance any photo.

4. Correct use of hashtags Hashtags, when used correctly, are a great way to highlight social media posts. Proper use of the hashtag can lead to more views; therefore, they must be carefully considered. Comments should use brand terms, relevant and fun terms, and product terms. Don't try to come up with terms that try to describe a post (#that's not the purpose of hashtags), because no one is ever going to search that hashtag and it's a waste of space.

5. Use analytics for hashtags – Hashtag analytic tools are available, and they provide insights on which keywords and hashtags are the most compelling that can maximize hashtag performance.

6. Create interactions – An important part of marketing on any social media site is the social aspect. In addition to engaging and responding to followers, posts should be created for the purpose of creating interactions. Contest, product giveaways, business news, and product news are all promising ideas and questions for the public to answer. For news, posts should invite people to post questions they may have so they can answer.

7. Use photo tags – For product sellers who are approved on Instagram, this is a must. By tagging products in your photos, you can click through to product pages. When you tag people on photos, it will display the photo in their profile, increasing reach for posts, especially if the tagged person is known and/or has a large following of their own.

8. Make use of stories – IG's “Stories” is a fantastic feature that should be included in a marketing campaign. It's an effective way to showcase products, gather insights, and even collect data.

9. Work with influencers – Social media influencers are a powerful tool that can increase engagement and discussions about your brand. Influencers in and around a business niche need to be followed and relationships built to increase reach and get listed.

10. Be inspired by competitors and top accounts – Keeping an eye on the competition is useful in seeing what they are doing, what is working and what is not needed for more effective content planning. Looking at the best Instagram accounts is a great way to find new ideas and concepts to integrate into your own feed.