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4 tips for better communication

4 tips for better communication

Want to improve communication at work with your team? Whether you are a manager or a simple collaborator, the Process Com is a good method to better understand your interlocutor. Establish his profile and learn how to communicate better with him according to his needs and communication methods.

The Process Com:what is it exactly?

The Process Com is a communication model developed by Taibi Kahler, psychotherapist and expert in transactional analysis, in the 1970s. It is distinguished from other models by its insistence on the relationship to the other. It establishes six types of personalities with their characteristics, their needs and their mode of communication. It is a tool that facilitates exchanges between people in communication situations, especially when they are dysfunctional. Process Com can defuse conflict and promote empathy to make teamwork more enjoyable for everyone in a group.

What are the six personality types?

The Workaholic

He is a logical, rational and responsible person. He has a sense of organization:count on him to remind you of the agenda in meetings. He has an analytical mind and excels in work that requires synthesis, such as tables or reports. He knows how to think and likes to take care of the details. Perfection and structuring of time are important to him. He speaks factually. It therefore uses the informative channel, much like a computer.

You will only address this type of person by remaining very factual. For example, you don't need to play a joke on him beforehand to get his attention.

The Empath

The Empath is warm and sensitive. He cares about others and inspires confidence. He likes contact and knows how to create harmony. On his desk are his family photos or his little lucky charms. He needs a personalized space and a warm atmosphere. He values ​​himself more than his results. He needs to be recognized for what he is, to be interested in him. He expresses himself with his emotions.

If your colleague is an empathetic type, remember to congratulate and thank him for each task well accomplished. His need for recognition is important. Telling him when his job is well done can greatly improve your relationship with him. Very sensitive, the empath likes warm relationships. So avoid orders that are too directive so as not to steer him. If you are empathetic, try to take a step back with cold or directive behaviors, the person in front probably does not work like you:no need to see it as a personal attack.

An app to communicate better

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The Dreamer

The Dreamer has a strong capacity for concentration as well as a great sense of imagination and introspection. Calm and reflective, silence does not frighten him. Patient, he can spend long hours on a file in order to spot errors. He is often criticized for being "in the moon", but he perfectly masters abstract tasks and complex problems. Imagination is its mode of expression, and it needs calm and solitude to be effective.

To communicate with him, avoid soliciting him when he is focused on his mission. Wait for him to pause.

The Promoter

The Promoter has countless resources and great potential for adaptability. His attraction for challenges and his taste for risk allow him to be the one who will find new ideas, a new market. Charming and persuasive, he energizes the whole team without difficulty. Action and efficiency are his second nature. He needs challenges and thrills to move forward. He perceives his environment and expresses himself through action.

When you ask him to accomplish tasks, present this to him in the form of quantified objectives to be achieved, for example; he will only be more motivated and efficient.

The Rebel

The Rebel, also called the Player, has a more playful profile. Both spontaneous and creative, he loves novelty, encounters, humor. In meetings, he will love to animate and blacken the flipchart. A true teaser, you will see him circulating in the corridors telling the joke of the day. Adept at zapping tasks, he tends to blame others. He needs contact and sharing and expresses himself through reactions.

The Rebel will be much more apt to listen to you if you prank him by coming to see him before talking to him about work, or if you quickly chat with him about his personal life.

The Perseverant

Observant and conscientious, the Perseverant is a person of principles. Committed and loyal, he defends his convictions and the values ​​of the team. He knows how to argue very well and will not hesitate to get wet for a mistreated colleague. He likes to be recognized as much for his involvement as for the quality of his work. He loves to give his opinion and needs to be respected. He expresses himself with his opinions.

When talking to the Persistent, be sure to ask for their advice whenever possible. Congratulate him regularly as soon as his work is well done, it's the best way to be able to exchange in a serene way.

4 tips for better communication with Process Com

1. We adapt our mode of communication

Communicating better with Process Com means taking into account the type of personality of your interlocutor and therefore adapting.

2. We show kindness

Benevolence and acceptance of differences will allow a better dialogue with your interlocutor.

3. We focus on the facts

It is not always easy to detect the type of personality of your interlocutor, especially if you know him little. In this case, it is better to be factual. It works with all personality profiles.

4. We choose the right moment

Communicating well is not only knowing how to do it, but also knowing when to do it. Depending on the personality of each person, you can postpone a conversation depending on the state of mind of the person in front:they must be sufficiently receptive and willing to listen.

Professionals at your service

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Communicate and manage conflicts when working from home?

Teleworking, especially in times of health crisis, can quickly become a source of conflict. Employees have not chosen it, sometimes suffer from it and can experience it very badly. To overcome these inconveniences before they escalate, follow a few simple tips.

Trust your employees:don't watch them like children. They are certainly at home, but know their work and are quite capable of autonomy. If your employee is the dreamer type, this will be essential.

Stay in touch:Take the time, maybe once a week, to check in with them. Check that everything is going well, ask them what they need. For an empathic type employee, it is necessary.

Organize time for discussions:your employees also need to communicate with each other. Plan regular meetings to take stock of the progress of files and provide them with tools so that they can discuss with colleagues, as if they were in the office. Rebellious profiles will thank you.

The Process Com is a great tool for better communication and therefore improving your relationships. You know how to address your colleagues, even the gruff ones. By adapting your mode of communication to the personality of your interlocutor, you will make the exchanges more fluid. Practice on your spouse, your family, your close friends, your colleagues:you will quickly see the change!