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The secret to a successful interview

After having listed our qualities and our faults, learned by heart the history of the coveted company and having taken care of our outfit, we are now ready for our job interview.'s believed! A study by the Georgia Institute of Technology, located in Atlanta, reveals the real secret to interview success. And it is surprising. To stand out from the crowd, you would have to master the art of "small talk", those small informal conversations that seem insignificant, but can make all the difference.

The first impression is crucial

As part of the study, the interviewers assessed the skills of candidates during 163 interviews consisting of a small discussion, then 12 questions relating to the job. The results showed how crucial first impressions are:Candidates who successfully connected with interviewers early in the interview received higher marks than those who failed, even the latter. also responded well to job-related questions.

"A candidate's ability to spark professional exchange has a significant influence on getting the job," researcher Brian W. Swider told Wall Street Journal . Rather than focusing on a list of questions, let's value the few minutes between the first handshake and the start of the interview!