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Home insurance for students:where to find the cheapest?

Home insurance for students:where to find the cheapest?

To continue their studies, young people must leave the family home and rent new accommodation. Whether he decides to settle in a university residence, in a Cité U or in a private apartment, the student is subject to the obligation to take out home insurance as a tenant. Since this is a recurring charge that can have an impact on the budget, it is understandable that he wants to find the cheapest contract. How to get there?

Home insurance for students:an obligation

In France, all people with the status of tenant are obliged to take out home insurance, regardless of whether it is a pensioner, an active person or a student. In short, a student must have suitable cover if he decides to rent furnished or unfurnished accommodation. Indeed, the regulations have changed since the entry into force of the Alur law of March 24, 2014. If previously, home insurance for furnished rentals was optional, today it has become compulsory for all tenants. The contract must contain at least a guarantee against rental risks which protects against fire, water damage and climatic phenomena.

It must also include a civil liability guarantee whose role is to compensate third parties for claims that have appeared in the accommodation and that have spread to neighbours. Insurance can also include risks such as attacks or natural and technological disasters. In addition, it is interesting to opt for a few additional options such as the “property damage” guarantee to protect the tenant’s own property or the “electrical damage” guarantee covering all electrical appliances. You should know that insurers have nowadays adapted home insurance offers for students who are victims of precariousness. The exclusion clauses become less severe, especially those relating to theft. Students can also take advantage of faster compensation.

Price of home insurance for students

The price of home insurance is very variable and depends on a multitude of criteria:surface area of ​​the accommodation, existence or not of an outbuilding, number of rooms, number of occupants, profile of the insured, geographical location, etc. Suffice to say that there is no single pricing when it comes to this product. To get a better idea of ​​the cost, let's take the example of a 20 m2 studio rental. Annually the contract will cost 73 euros and monthly it will be 6 euros. If it is a rental apartment of 30 m2 with two rooms, the annual price is 112 euros while the monthly cost is 9 euros. Finally, for a 40 m2 shared apartment with two rooms, plan an annual budget of 135 euros and a monthly budget of 11 euros.

Finding the most economical offers:how to do it?

There are several ways to find the cheapest student home insurance that offers a good level of guarantees. The first method is to use an online comparator. You should know that the insurance market is particularly dense and there are many mutual organizations, insurers or banks that offer contracts formulated to adapt to different types of goods and profiles. The use of these online tools makes it possible to have several quotes from various professionals. Of course, it is possible to start this process on your own, but the work is likely to be very time-consuming, because you will have to contact the insurers one by one to provide them with the same information. Failing that, seeking the help of an online simulation is also a great idea. The subscriber only has to define his needs once to obtain suitable offers.