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3 Microsoft Word formatting tricks you really should know

Microsoft Word can do much more than write documents and reports. From changing the orientation of individual pages, to adding diagonal lines in your tables, to embedding fonts, there are many things you can do to tailor your documents to your exact needs.

Trick 1:Embed fonts in documents

3 Microsoft Word formatting tricks you really should know

If you want to share a Word document with a friend or colleague for editing, you want them to see the document exactly as you created it. An important element for that could be the source. But if your friend or colleague doesn't have that font installed on their computer, they won't see it.

And that's where font embedding comes in. To embed a font in a Word document, do the following:

  1. Click Office Logo / File> Options .
  2. Go to the Save tab.
  3. Under Stay faithful when sharing this document you can check Embed fonts in this file .

You can choose not to embed common system files, which is definitely recommended. You can also choose to embed only the characters in the font used in the document. This is useful if you want to keep the file size small, but is not recommended if the recipient is expected to edit the document.

How much the file size will increase depends entirely on your font and you can increase it even more if you include your fonts in bold and italics.

This feature will only work with TrueType Fonts OTF Fonts vs. TTF Fonts:Which is Better? OTF fonts vs. TTF:Which is better? Most fonts these days are either OTF or TTF, but what does that mean? What are the differences? Should you even care? Read More Depending on the license of the font, you may not be able to embed them.

Trick 2:Insert diagonal lines in tables

3 Microsoft Word formatting tricks you really should know

Inserting diagonal lines in tables is a useful design element to divide tables and demonstrate that some of their cells contain unique information.

  1. Once you've created your table, place your cursor in the cell where you want to insert a diagonal line.
  2. At the Home tab find the Paragraph panel, click the Borders Dropdown menu.
  3. You can choose between a descending diagonal line from left to right or an ascending line from left to right.

While this creates a dividing line within the cell, it doesn't actually create two separate cells for you to type in.

Trick 3:Change the orientation of a specific page

Si tiene un documento largo lleno de cuadros o tablas, puede encontrar que selecciona una orientación horizontal para un par de sus páginas..

  1. Selecciona el texto de la página que quieres cambiar a horizontal..
  2. Ve a la Diseño ficha y haga clic en la flecha en la esquina de la Configurar página panel. 3 Microsoft Word formatting tricks you really should know
  3. En el Márgenes pestaña, debajo Orientación , hacer clic Paisaje .
  4. Debajo Avance para Aplicar para , seleccionar Texto seleccionado desde el menú desplegable. 3 Microsoft Word formatting tricks you really should know