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The differences between male &female entrepreneurs

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But… does that also apply to male and female entrepreneurs in our country? Van Lanschot figured it out, with some surprising differences. For example, according to the 'Ondernemend Nederland' survey, female entrepreneurs are more perfectionistic in their work than their male counterparts (41.5% versus 35.5%) and they care more than men about the working conditions of their employees:more than 23% have that are high on the priority list, compared to 14% among men.

All entrepreneurs sometimes work long hours, with the result that the balance between work and private life can sometimes be compromised. But women have more trouble with this than men, the study shows. What men also have no problem with is the sale of their company. If a good offer comes in, twice as many men than women say they expect to sell the company within three years. Of the women, no less than 28% have no idea whether and when they want to sell the company. Also striking:of the entrepreneurs surveyed, men are millionaires twice as often as women.

Women are also slightly more conservative in terms of private wealth accumulation, 41.5% opt for investing, compared to 57.5% for men. For women, 'Improving working conditions' is also high in their list of things that they consider important as an entrepreneur:23% against 14% for men. Another difference is that women are more likely than men to indicate 'perfectionist' when asked to describe themselves. Men more often consider themselves 'innovative' than women.”