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6 free Microsoft Outlook plugins for better emails

Microsoft Outlook is a powerful and feature-rich email program by default, but you can also install add-ons for even more functionality. We'll show you how to install plugins quickly and easily, and suggest some of the best free ones.

Whether you want to enhance your emails with an emoji, be more productive with note sharing, or schedule events with ease, we've got you covered with our selection of plugins.

If we've missed a favorite plugin of yours, please share it with us in the comments below.

How to get Outlook add-ins

In Outlook 2013 or 2016, go to Home tab and click the Store icon. A window will open where you can search for the plugins you want. Alternatively, use the categories on the left. When you find the plugin you want, just click the slider to set it to On . The ones that cost money will have a Get it link instead.

6 free Microsoft Outlook plugins for better emails

If you want to see what plugins you have installed or if you want to disable plugins, go to File> Manage plugins (could read Manage applications ). When you are on a screen where you can use the plug-in, for example when composing a message or scheduling an event, the corresponding icon will appear on the ribbon.

You can also browse and install Outlook add-ins from the Office Store online. Many of these will work in, as long as their use hasn't been disabled by your administrator. Learn more about the differences between Outlook, and Hotmail Hotmail Is Dead! Microsoft Outlook Email Services Explained Hotmail is dead! Microsoft Outlook Email Services Explained Stop looking for Hotmail! The terminology surrounding the various Microsoft Outlook email services is confusing. If you already don't know if it's called Outlook Web App, Outlook Online, or something else, let us explain. Read more.


Life can be complicated enough, so use these plugins to make it a little easier.

1. Bing nearby [no longer available]

"Wait, I thought we were meeting at the Starbucks on Fake Street, not Fake Avenue!" Avoid any confusion about where you and your friends are meeting with Bing Nearby. Whether you're composing an email or an event, you can use this plugin to find a location and click on the search result to embed it directly into the composer.

6 free Microsoft Outlook plugins for better emails

Where applicable, it will include the location name, Yelp reviews, address, phone number, website link, and pinpoint map. It's great for setting straight directions. For example, now your friends can plan their trip, see what others think of the property, and call them for more information, all without having to come back to you for more information.

2. Uber Ride Reminder [No Longer Available]

If you consider a standard taxi ride to be an ancient relic, the Uber Trip Reminder Plugin for Outlook will be your thing. When creating a calendar event, click the Uber icon to open the trip reminder panel. Enter your phone number and click Set Trip Reminder . You'll get a notification on your phone to show that Outlook has been linked to Uber.

6 free Microsoft Outlook plugins for better emails

Now when you use this plugin you will get a reminder on your phone that you have an upcoming event. Note that you can click Change in the Outlook pane to change what time the notification appears. Select the notification on your phone and Uber will open, your location and destination will already be filled in. Keep going!


Do you procrastinate or struggle with efficiency? We have plugins to help you get things done faster.

3. Evernote

Evernote is one of the best note taking apps and you can integrate it with Outlook.

When viewing a received email, click the Evernote icon to open the panel. The message body and all attachments will be pre-selected. Now you can select a project , add tags , and add a comment . Click Save and everything will be uploaded to your Evernote account.

6 free Microsoft Outlook plugins for better emails

You can also share your notes when composing emails. To do so, click the Evernote icon to open the panel where you can select your project and view all associated notes. Just click on a note and it will be integrated into your email, where the recipient can click and get all the details.

4. PayPal

PayPal is a safe and easy way to send and receive money online and it's easy to create a PayPal account. With its Outlook integration, you can now pay someone directly when you compose an email.

When writing an email, enter a recipient and then click the PayPal icon . This will open the panel where you can enter the amount and currency want to pay.

6 free Microsoft Outlook plugins for better emails

Click Next to clarify the transaction and the source of the money, then tap Send money now to complete. A panel will be inserted into your message so your recipient can see that you've sent the money. Now you never have an excuse not to pay someone's restaurant bill, taxi ride, or lost bet.


Emails don't have to be so serious and boring! It's time to spice up your messages with these fun additions.

5. Giphy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an animated GIF is worth a million, and there's nothing better than a perfectly placed GIF.

Giphy is the largest online database of GIFs. You can add it to your Outlook to let the animated fun flow into your emails.

6 free Microsoft Outlook plugins for better emails

Simply enter a search term and then click on a GIF to embed it in your email. You can too click the cogwheel to adjust your filter settings to allow taller GIFs. Now, go ahead and send face palms, thumbs up, and all the memes you can get your hands on.

6. emoji

We are all familiar with the use of emojis on our smartphones. Those little pictures have become commonplace to quickly express your thoughts or convey a message.

With the Emojis for Outlook add-in, you can wink, laugh, or sob in your email.

6 free Microsoft Outlook plugins for better emails

You can use the search box to find emojis by keywords, or you can use the category icons to switch between people, animals, food, and more. the skin color selectors Underneath all emojis will also be adjusted accordingly. Once you've found the perfect emoji, click to bring it up in the email .

For an alternative method, see our article on how to find emojis in Windows 10.

Get well in Outlook

Now that you've opened your eyes to the world of plugins, browse the Store to see what else is available. There's a lot available and you can install anything you want, making Outlook an even more powerful program.

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