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Turn your Microsoft documents into mind maps to visualize concepts

A Microsoft Word document can be a complex stack of words. Sometimes you need to polish it with crystal thinking and give it clear direction. Outlining a Word document before writing is one option.

But have you considered a mind map instead? Mind Mapping in Microsoft Word is Easy Now How to Build a Mind Map in Microsoft Word How to Build a Mind Map in Microsoft Word The average person has thousands of thoughts every day. Our brainstorms are rarely strategic. A mind map helps you capture a bunch of thoughts and put them in order. We show you how. Read More by converting existing Microsoft Word documents into easy-to-view mind maps.

Visualize your concepts

Let's imagine that you have a large amount of information written down in Microsoft Word. The outline feature helps you see how one section flows into the next. Ultimately, it may make sense with your logical address.

Wiles Mind is a free web application that goes one step further and gives you a bird's eye view of the entire document. At a glance, it can help you see how the ideas expressed in the document fit together:

Wiles Mind does not perform magic. It takes the headings from a Microsoft Word document and uses them to create the mind map. It's another way of using outlines to structure your document in the correct order, and this simple process illustrates why it's easier to edit your document's structure in “outline mode.”

Turn your Microsoft documents into mind maps to visualize concepts

If you have a Word document with well-structured headings, try Wiles Mind to demonstrate your ideas with a mind map:

  1. Use the simple form on the site to upload your mind map.
  2. Prove you're not a robot by passing the (annoying but necessary) verification test.
  3. Provide your email ID where the app will send you the secure link hosted in Amazon S3 to your mind map.

The file is removed from the server in 48 hours. Before that, you can download and print your mind map for offline use if needed.

Clear your thinking with Wiles Mind

Wiles Mind is a simple tool and weekend project for the developer. But mind maps are good habits to get into. In my experience, I've found that a mind map exercise before I sit down to write something helps me remove layers I might not have otherwise noticed.

Have you tried a mind map before any writing exercises? What is your favorite mind mapping tool if not pencil and paper?