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7 benefits of using Google Ads

Is Google Ads right for your business? Is it worth the investment? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before tackling any new strategy, especially paid online advertising. You only have a small amount of money to spend on marketing, which means you need to be strategic and smart about how you use that budget.

SummaryBenefit #1:Increase Your Website TrafficBenefit #2:Generate More Qualified LeadsBenefit #3:Get Faster ResultsBenefit #4:Build BuzzBenefit #5:Drive Local In-Store TrafficBenefit #6 :Enjoy affordable and scalable costsBenefit #7:Measurable ROIConclusions

In order to assess the impact Google Ads will have on your business and marketing strategy, it is important to discuss the benefits of using it. PPC advertising platform. Then you can make an informed decision whether the Google Ads investment is right for your business and your budget.

Benefit #1:Increase your website traffic

7 benefits of using Google Ads

In the digital age, website traffic is a top priority. A growing number of companies conduct some or even all of their business online. So, increasing traffic to your business website means increasing the number of potential business opportunities. More opportunities can lead to more sales and revenue!

The majority of your digital marketing strategies share the same end goal:to drive more traffic to your website. This is why you link your website to almost every social media post you publish and why you have worked tirelessly to improve your organic search rankings. Visibility drives website traffic.

Google Ads introduces another channel that can help drive this extremely valuable traffic to your website.

Benefit #2:Generate more qualified leads

Investing in Google Ads doesn't just increase your website traffic. This creates more qualified leads. In this regard, traffic created through Google Ads is often better than most of your other sources. This is because ad traffic typically consists of more qualified leads.

It’s all about customer intent and behaviors. Each post created by Google Ads is accompanied by an "Ad" logo, which allows users to clearly distinguish paid results from organic results. When a user makes the choice to click on an advertisement rather than an organic result, it is an indication that they are extremely interested in converting – and quickly.

For Search Network ads, you can also target keywords that suggest a user who is ready to convert. This saves you time and resources while waiting for leads to mature and work through your marketing funnel.

Benefit #3:Get faster results

The digital landscape changes so quickly, but many of the best marketing strategies take months to develop and mature enough to produce tangible results. Think about how long it takes to grow an audience on your blog or social media accounts. Similarly, reaching the top of a search results page can also take months and months.

Google Ads users start seeing results as soon as they launch their first PPC campaign. It also means you can get to the top of those search results pages in a fraction of the time organic strategies take.

Consumer behaviors can change in an instant. Google Ads immediate results are the right solution to respond to these frequent and important changes.

Advantage #4:Create a buzz

Most marketers use Google Ads because of its ability to drive website traffic and drive conversions. Google Ads is also a powerful platform for increasing brand awareness and creating buzz. Posting display ads can put your brand and marketing materials in front of people.

Brand awareness is vital for new businesses in a competitive space and when launching a new product. If you need to get the word out to a lot of people in your target audience, Google Ads is also a great option.

This means that Google Ads is not only great at closing leads that are ready to convert, but also at driving a steady flow of new leads. When you empower both ends of the marketing funnel, the results can be huge for your business!

Benefit #5:Drive local in-store traffic

Another common misconception about Google Ads is that it only benefits online businesses. After all, what good is website traffic for a local business? However, many small businesses are producing huge results through Google Ads by focusing on using PPC ads to drive in-store traffic.

Local PPC involves targeting location-specific searches and using geo-targeting to show ads only to audiences in a specific region. These advertisements are designed to drive traffic to a store, office, or restaurant, instead of website traffic.

With more and more users using their mobile devices to access the internet and find local businesses, Google Ads is a great channel for businesses to position themselves in front of these people.

Benefit #6:Benefit from affordable-and-scalable-costs

7 benefits of using Google Ads

Most digital marketing strategies are free on paper. For example, there is no cost for a business to create a Twitter or Facebook account and start using it to market materials and connect with customers, just as there is no inherent expense when creating a blog post or building organic search rankings through SEO practices. These strategies just take time and effort.

Undoubtedly, the biggest fear for new Google Ads users is the cost. Why pay for these advertising messages when other facets of digital marketing are free? Marketers also worry that costs could spiral out of control if they're not careful.

In reality, Google Ads costs are low and totally within the control of marketers. You can set a daily and monthly budget to ensure you don't suddenly have a huge marketing bill to pay. And these costs can be increased at any time. If you want to spend more or less, just edit your budget and Google will make the necessary changes to your account.

Benefit #7:Measurable ROI

Google Ads direct costs actually have a benefit that many marketers overlook. When you know exactly how much you're spending on a given strategy, it's extremely easy to measure that channel's ROI. Google Ads even shows you your return on ad spend so you can easily judge how successfully your budget was spent.

For free paper strategies, calculating ROI can be much more difficult. There is, of course, some type of investment involved to produce these strategies, even if it is not monetary. Writing a blog post or creating a witty social media post takes up time that could be spent elsewhere. Next, you need to track the type of results these tactics produce. It's messy.

The Google Ads Dashboard is rich in statistics and data that shares all the details about the performance of your advertising messages and the results of your investment.


Your marketing strategy aims to ease the buyer's journey through your pipeline. By supporting both ends of the funnel and encouraging multiple types of traffic to visit your business, the Google Ads platform is a no-brainer.

Editor's Note:The article above reflects the views and opinions of the guest author.