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5 ways to improve your quality of life by being more childish.

You came into this world; naive, innocent and full of curiosity.

Like a sponge ready to soak up everything the world had to offer. Yet something happened in the course of your growth that turned you into a cynical, jaded, and possibly miserable adult.

Somewhere along the line, you stopped seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

Where there was once wonder and excitement, now there is work, bills, chores and endless to-do lists. It's no surprise that under a mountain of laundry and paperwork, you haven't had the time or energy to bounce back with the excitement of a five-year-old. But even the terminally busy can incorporate some childhood magic into your daily life with these simple, easy-to-follow tips!

1. Ask more questions. Children ask a lot of questions, up to 300 a day Apparently! Why is the sky blue? Why do people die? What is time? Why are there no more dinosaurs? What makes someone bad? Who do you love the most? Why does Katie have two moms? Why doesn't space fall on us? So why do so many of us adults (or big kids as I like to think) stop asking questions? But above all, why do we stop asking ourselves questions? When you stop questioning the things that happen in your daily life, you are forever at the mercy of others. Stop asking questions and you effectively stop being in control of your own life. To gain control, you need to ask yourself and others questions.

2. Love your flaws. Before society tells them it's wrong - kids love showing off their bloated bellies to their families, saying, "Look where all the food went!" as they proudly poke their protruding bellies. So why not take a leaf out of their book and turn the clock back to a time when you weren't ashamed of having a little more fat around your waist?

3. Learn something new every day. You really have no excuse not to, as with just a few clicks of a button you can access all the information you might need. As children we were always learning, it is only when we “grow up” that some of us mistakenly believe that we no longer need to learn because we already have all the answers. Which of course we don't! So instead of mindlessly sitting in front of the TV watching another episode of your latest TV addiction, you can do something interesting and productive that stimulates your curiosity, like reading a book, taking night at a community college, visit a museum, or learn a new language.

4. Be creative. Picasso was right when he said, “All children are artists, the problem is how to stay one when he grows up.” Kids love to finger paint, draw, paint the walls, cover themselves in permanent markers – basically anything messy. But as you get older, the inner perfectionist begins to win out, until eventually you give up on creativity altogether because you're too terrified of making a mistake. Kids, on the other hand, don't care - if they make a "mistake", they'll just paint over it or incorporate it into the rest of their drawing. But we live in a society that places so much emphasis on success that many of us only find ourselves taking action when we are sure we will succeed – wrapping ourselves in a false sense of comfort derived from the familiarity around us. So instead of running for the hills at the mere thought of picking up a paintbrush, maybe slowly introduce yourself to the skill that appeals to you, whether it's crocheting or salsa dancing. Give creativity a chance – you might be surprised by the results!

5. Dream big. When you ask a child, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" they'll tell you, "A world-famous explorer!" "The mad scientist who cures cancer!" », « A pop-star! or maybe even “A World Dominator!”. Children have high hopes for their future, it's only when we adults (I don't care about being called an adult) tell them the chances of doing any of these things are slim, that they learn to have more realistic expectations of what their future career might entail. It's a shame we laugh at childhood dreams as hopelessly naive, we could all do with a little more aspiration in our lives and achieving the impossible is a damn sight better than sitting on your ass in front of screens all day. So let go of your doubts and allow yourself to think about those secret desires that hold you so close to your heart. Yes, you may never achieve the lofty goals you set for yourself, but living a life in which you have sought excellence will leave you happier and with far fewer regrets than if you never gave them a chance. and always wondering, "What if?" ‘

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