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Love for Life, the event for ultimate relaxation

In Italy they seem to be very good at it and even have a term for it:Dolce far Niente. Enjoy by doing absolutely NOTHING. A glass of wine, a cheese, and nothing else. No TV, no book and no to-do lists in mind, but just empty your head with your legs up. For me, therefore, an almost impossible task. When I finally settled in on the couch under a blanket, I'm already thinking about doing some laundry. Or that that dripping tap is so annoying and really needs to be turned off. Recognizable? Apparently women suffer from this more than men (and Dutch women more than Italian women). On vacation, preferably as southern as possible, I sometimes manage to really do nothing at all, it also helps if it is 38 degrees, but once home those kinds of moments are ... yes actually on zero hands to count. Time for Love for Live!

Love for Life event

At Love for Life it has also been noticed that women are very busy these days and actually allow themselves less and less relaxation – or simply do not have the time. The new two-day food, body and mind event will be held on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht and is all about the balance in your life. We women want a lot, but it can also become too much. At Love for Life you can discover in the areas of food, body and mind how you can better monitor the balance in your life. You can attend workshops or listen to inspiring speakers. Discover responsible, authentic products and dishes and the latest trends in, for example, Yoga or Pilates. Or just go shopping or drink an organic wine of course, when it's time for a bit of relaxation 😉 .

If you're interested in a day out that you can also learn a lot from, this event is definitely for you. Nice bonus:if you buy a ticket now, you get the second one for free. Can you immediately bring one of your equally busy friends, if she has time of course 😉 .