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Read:Peak How Ordinary People Can Perform Extraordinarily

What do you need to become the best? What do the big names in music, sports, medical science owe their success to? What is the difference between the jogger in the park and the athlete at the Olympic level? More than thirty years ago, Anders Ericsson did away with the idea of ​​an innate talent. He showed with some important studies how elastic our bodies and our brains are when they are trained in specific ways. In the years that followed, his research on people who excel in a variety of fields showed that excellence comes with practice, not something innate, and also that tens of thousands of hours of practice is no guarantee that you will become very good at something. Decisive is how you spend those hours, therein lies the difference between the dedicated amateur and the grandmaster.

Ericsson found a number of basic principles that have been proven to drastically improve performance in areas such as music, sports, chess and medical science. These basic principles ensure that there is no routine, because Ericsson discovered that the great talents are constantly
pushing their limits, stepping out of their comfort zone.

In Piek Ericsson describes for the first time how this process works. Peak is an important book that breaks down entrenched ideas about human potential and gives you the tools to become the best, whatever your ambitions.