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How to maintain friendship at work?

Going to work, when you get along well with your colleagues, it changes everything and... it motivates a lot in the morning! So we maintain the friendship. Our recipes.

Spending time outside office hours

We naturally get closer to the people with whom we spend the most time physically. But at the office, the open space can be cold... so we also spend time outside, outside, it allows us to build another relationship. For example, at lunchtime or even an after-work dinner, the traditional coffee machine, or a little walk around the office block to clear your mind (accompanying a colleague to buy cigarettes for example).

Quitting the competition

Competition separates. And studies have shown that the more we are willing to get closer to people who have the same goals as us (instead of being in competition with them), the more we find solutions to problems together, and the more everyone succeeds. It's a win-win.

Look for commonalities

For more lasting relationships, we try to find similarities by starting conversations about common interests (the last season of Mad Men?!). It can be sports, TV, family... Our article Advice from the FBI to make friends explains the basics of active listening, more than useful…

Show that you love your job

Showing that we love our job sends a positive and encouraging image to others, it also creates a good reputation for us. So when others complain, we put it into perspective, we motivate, in short, we influence their mood in a more joyful way (without overdoing it either). Unconsciously, we become like fresh air that is good for colleagues who feel oppressed. Because positive people change lives, so we change the lives of others (and ours).