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Job:one in two French people ready to go abroad

Conducted among 1,000 French employees aged 18 to 65, the survey conducted last January by Randstad Wormitor has just delivered its results. The result ? One out of two French employees would be ready to leave the country to fill the desired position if they are established abroad.

More specifically, 18% of respondents would leave France without hesitation, while a third (32%) would do so willingly. But conversely, the idea of ​​crossing borders to find the “right job” leaves the other half of the participants in the survey unmoved. A result that François Béharel, president of the Randstad France group and member of the board of directors of Randstad Holding, interprets as being caused by “barriers – linguistic, cultural, regulatory, etc. - [which] appear [as being] still too important in the eyes of European employees for professional mobility to become a reality in Europe”. On the other hand, the study reveals that it is in India and Mexico that employees would be the most numerous (85% for each of these two countries) to take the plunge if a professional opportunity abroad presented itself.

More and more French expatriates

According to the register of French people established outside France by the Quai d'Orsay, France had 1.7 million expatriates in 2015. A figure up 2% over one year, and 4.14% over two years. And according to a study conducted by INSEE on migratory flows in France, the number of French people who emigrated between 2006 and 2016 even increased by 5.2% on average per year over this period.

And you, would you?