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6 chrome extensions every student should use

Some students live on campus, all students live in their browsers. As the role of social media, and the Internet in general, has become more and more prevalent, there is concern that students waste more than they apply to their studies.

A list of inactive extensions is the devil's playground. Most don't realize the potential of Chrome extensions. With enough knowledge, Chrome extensions can save you hours of time and tons of mental willpower.

Take it from an educator:she has to use every tool at her disposal to go from student to student . And here are the tools I recommend.

1. StayFocusd

Objective: Eliminate online distractions by blocking time killing websites.

You are wasting your time. I waste my time, but we don't have to. Let's be honest, there is one main aspect of the Internet that occupies our time:social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat can also be the four horsemen of procrastination. How procrastination changed the world. But if it weren't for the procrastination, the world would be a completely different place. Read more . That's where StayFocusd comes in.

StayFocusd allows you to prevent access to selected sites, always or on certain days. The program is simple, intuitive and allows for a variety of settings. You can choose maximum usage times and active days for the websites on your block list.

If you decide to go back to your procrastinating ways 5 New Productivity Apps to Stop Procrastinating and Get Back to Work 5 New Productivity Apps to Stop Procrastinating and Get Back to Work The trick to staying productive is to always change your system. From Microsoft to small developers who started with an Excel sheet, here are some productivity apps worth trying. Read More In short:it is a care manager that protects you from yourself!

2. Online office

Objective: Work anywhere, anytime and collaborate effortlessly.

These days, it's not enough to have a file saved on your desktop. With all the potential collaboration opportunities or inspirational strikes you might have, why keep your work in one place? That is why cloud-based services reign supreme. That's why I consider Office Online essential for any student's Chrome browser.

Think about it:You may decide to sit at a desk for hours on end working on a project. Which Office suite is the best for you? Which office suite is best for you? You will be pressured to find an occupation that does not require word or number processing of any kind. And you may be wondering, is Microsoft Office really the best solution? Here are your options. Read More The latter is an easy option to choose, and Office Online offers a format that students are immediately familiar with.

Plus, Office Online makes it easy to collaborate on projects. The 6 Best Free Online Meeting Tools To Collaborate With Your Team The 6 Best Free Online Meeting Tools To Collaborate With Your Team Small teams don't need expensive business apps for collaboration. Here are six great tools you can use to manage your team's data, communication, and more. Free. Read More It's a win-win all around.

3. Nimbus Capture

Objective: Capture information in your browser and save it for later.

Since education has now become a browser-based endeavor, both information and inspiration come from the web. But what if you just found exactly what you're looking for, but don't want to bother with a hectic bookmark repository? What if you just need to save an image or a snippet of an article?

Nimbus Capture does just that:it allows users to screenshot anything from their browser to save to any folder they like.

Do you have coding, writing, or graphic design concepts that you want to quickly save and share? Then have some sort of snapshot feature 3 Free Screen Recorders to Capture Your Windows Desktop 3 Free Screen Recorders to Capture Your Windows Desktop You can use a screen recorder to create tutorials, document bugs to fix problems, or track down activities. requested at your desk in your absence. Choose from one of our recommended tools. Read More And Nimbus Capture works without the need for third-party software, making it virtually clutter-free.

4. grammar

Objective: Catch typos and grammatical errors and make your writing look perfect.

I write a lot of emails, but I also make a lot of mistakes. Emails are not tweets, they require more attention and focus. Most, in fact, tend to avoid writing emails because of this. “What if I say something wrong, or worse, wrong??” That's where Grammarly comes in.

Grammarly will open when you are in a post or write message. A small green icon will appear in the lower right corner of your gauge, informing you of potential problems. While not foolproof, it is a great line of defense. You must sign up for a Grammarly subscription How to Get the Most Out of These Essential Grammar Checking Extensions for Chrome How to Get the Most Out of These Essential Grammar Checking Extensions for Chrome If you are a Chrome user, there are some useful tools that can save you from typos and awkward grammar and help you get your message across more clearly. Read More

Not only will it correct small errors, but it will also allow you to see negative trends in your writing over time. Or, you know, you could always open that high school grammar manual.

5. allist

Objective: To get things done, consistently.

Some people write goals, others don't. The former often meet their objectives, and the latter often do not. I can't count the number of times I've started making lists only to give up on using them. That is, until I integrate them into my browser.

Todoist is the last to-do list you'll ever need To-Do List vs Todoist vs Wunderlist To-Do vs Todoist vs Wunderlist Some to-do list apps stand out above the rest. But how do they compare and which one is best for you? We'll help you find out. Read more . While some additional features will require a subscription to Todoist, the free version will meet your needs. Organize tasks by priority, project, and date in a simple, easily visible window.

Remember, to-do lists only work as well as you do. However, getting into the habit can make a big difference in your studies.

6. Google Dictionary

Objective: Understand difficult words and texts.

Have you ever read an article on Wikipedia, only to quit midway through because the writing was too detailed and esoteric (i.e. too verbose and hard to understand)? That problem is a thing of the past with Google's dictionary. Once the extension is installed, all you have to do is highlight a word.

6 chrome extensions every student should use

It's that easy, and everyone could do it with a dictionary. I would also recommend Power Thesaurus for the same reason:it gives you the power of an extensive library of thesauruses almost instantly, whenever you need it, and without the need to switch tabs.

6 chrome extensions every student should use

Extend your education to your browser

Given the increased intensity of education, everything helps. A note here and a correction there may be added. Whether in a browser or a notebook, all you have to do to excel in your studies is reduce distractions and engage with your work. These Chrome Extensions The Best Chrome Extensions The Best Chrome Extensions A list of only the best extensions for Google Chrome, including suggestions from our readers. Read More

How do you approach in an online world? Let us know in the comments below!