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Top 8 Ways to Manage Your Tasks in Chrome

A 55 percent market share for the most popular browser in the world says a lot. But it suggests a larger fact:the world spends many hours crouched in front of the browser. I hope most of the minutes are for productivity tasks 15 Can't-Miss Chrome Extensions to Boost Productivity 15 Can't-Miss Chrome Extensions to Boost Productivity Today we bring you some more extensions so you can work better online. Read More

That raises some questions..

For nearly ten years, Chrome has been in charge of your day. So is it more than just a search and navigation vehicle or do you use it as your personal manager? Has it proven to be the overseer of your productivity? Or has he been the proxy of your procrastination?

Either way, you can always launch Chrome to manage your daily tasks. Take a second look at these Chrome extensions that come with subtle powers to restore order to your day.

1. Aware (Beta)

How does it help?? Stop your thoughts before they become distractions.

What good is a task if you forget about it before you even get to it? That problem affected Adrian too, so he went on to design this simple note-taking app. The Chrome extension is a simple note taker. Catch Your Best Thoughts With 10 Note-Taking Chrome Extensions Catch Your Best Thoughts With 10 Note-Taking Chrome Extensions Notes are the simplest of self-management tools. With information overload on your mind, use these ten extensions to jot down quick notes, manage them better, or simply share them with others. Read More Checklist and captured notes remind you what needs to be done.

You have so many options for downloading notes in your browser that you may be spoiled for choice. You just have to choose one. It is not an exact science. There's the popular Papier and then there's the old HTML trick of turning any browser tab into a quick notepad by typing this line of code in the address bar:

datos: texto / html, 

Download: Aware (Beta)

2. Moment

How does it help?? It gives you the daily homework on a beautiful new page.

Need something prettier than a blank page? Try Momentum and its beautiful wallpapers with quality backgrounds. But Momentum is more than just a way to make your new tab page beautiful. 12 Gorgeous New Chrome Tab Extensions You've Probably Never Tried 12 Gorgeous New Chrome Tab Extensions You've Probably Never Tried. , so your eyes will rest on it only for a few seconds. Wouldn't you like the eyelash to look beautiful? Read more . It is a productivity panel for your daily tasks..

Top 8 Ways to Manage Your Tasks in Chrome

To-do list manager with a daily to-do list is the centerpiece. Weather and climate are for your information. So, set a Daily Focus (which reminds you of your main goal), read the inspirational quote and get to work.

Momentum also has a payment. More Version with more improvements. But start with the free download to fix your routine.

Download: Boost

3. Drag

How does it help?? Turn Gmail into a Kanban board for easy mail processing.

You can't deny that most of your day runs in your inbox. Tasks are the gunpowder that comes with every email. If it's Gmail, there are several ways to upload them to your address book. Drag automatically transforms your incoming emails into lists. As you can see in the screenshot below, your inbox looks like a Kanban board. You can drag and drop emails (ie tasks) from one list to another.

Top 8 Ways to Manage Your Tasks in Chrome

The free version is limited to three columns.. But try it out before opting for the paid version. For an alternative, check out Sortd, which is also another aspect of Gmail Turn Gmail into a Trello-like task board With Sortd Turn Gmail into a Trello-like task board with Sortd In the modern workforce, your email often it becomes your to-do list. Well, now you can get Trello-style organization in Gmail with a new Chrome extension, Sortd. Read More

Download: Drag

4. Taskade

How does it help?? Create your own to-do lists or share them with a team.

In the excellent Manifest Checklist , Atul Gawande explained one of the benefits of clear lists:

But he also said checklists can't get the team to follow him. That job is for the leader. If you're the best of a team, consider Taskade to easily create accurate lists. Just like Momentum, you get a new browser tab to capture your ideas, goals, and daily tasks.

Top 8 Ways to Manage Your Tasks in Chrome

Make multiple lists around specific tasks. See them against beautiful colors and nice backgrounds. Format your lists and share them with family or create a team and invite them to collaboration lists . For now, Taskade is free.

Download: Taskade

5. Checkvist

How does it help?? Break down complex tasks into sub-tasks.

Take the easiest tiny step. That's the only way you can defeat overwhelm. Checkvist is an interpreter first and a task manager second. At its core are hierarchical lists that can also be shared. But the oomph comes from keyboard shortcuts that help you do a brain dump with speed.

Top 8 Ways to Manage Your Tasks in Chrome

Checkvist can be turned into a flexible project management tool with team sharing (with assignees), expiration dates , and tags - although not as complex as Gantt or Asana. It can also be a hub for your task emails because you like Gmail too. The free version of Checkvist is attractive for small teams.

Download: Checkvist Chrome Extension

6. Kanbanchi

How does it help?? A visual task manager that offers Kanban boards, Gantt Chart and Time Tracker with seamless G Suite integration.

A serious tool for serious task managers. Kanbanchi is free for personal and educational use. The cost of the paid versions starts from $7.95 per user per month. Kanbanchi and similar enterprise-grade tools are usually paid for, and that's better for real-time support. Don't let the price distract you from the purpose..

Kanbanchi can be modified on any team or used for solo projects that need project management tools. 6 Project Management Tips You Can Use to Organize Your Life. 6 Project Management Tips You Can Use to Organize Your Life. Project management is the profession of getting things done. Our tips will help you apply a project manager's perspective, skills, and tools to organizing your own life. Read more . The task manager starts with a simple panel that looks like a more colorful Trello. You can do a simple workflow with lists inside cards.

Plan the tasks on these cards according to a schedule that you visually see on the Gantt Chart. Team collaboration is built in and everyone can assign the time it takes to complete a task.

Additionally, it gives GQueues take a look if you want to try an alternative that brings G Suite integration.

Download: Kanbanchi

7. Google Calendar

How does it help?? Reminders and recurring tasks make Google Calendar a great task manager.

Google Calendar is behind every login you make with your Google ID. Behind the days and dates, it's a powerful task manager. You can set up multiple calendars, schedule appointments, make video calls, and even activate a countdown timer for your next task. Then send a daily agenda straight to your inbox.

Do you think there is no room to quickly jot down your tasks on a calendar? Simply combine the calendar with Google tasks. How to sync your Google calendar with your to-do list. How to sync your Google calendar with your to-do list. When organizing your life, two tools are indispensable:your calendar and your to-do list. . But most task management solutions keep these two things separate. We will show you how to combine them. Read More

Top 8 Ways to Manage Your Tasks in Chrome

Go to My Calendars on the left and click Tasks . If you don't see Tasks, click the down arrow next to Reminders . Then Switch to tasks . The task column will open on the right. Set reminders and use them as triggers to act at the right time.

Download: Google Calendar extension for Chrome

8. Toggl

How does it help?? Measure the performance of your task..

There's an old productivity mantra from Peter Drucker that says, "You can't manage what you can't measure." Toggl is a time tracker 7 Easy-to-Use Time Tracking Apps for Any Project, Anywhere 7 Easy-to-Use Time Tracking Apps for Any Project, Anywhere Do you track your time? Let's see how time tracking can help you as we recommend some of the best time tracking apps available on all platforms today. Read More It's not a task manager by definition, but a stopwatch and a piece of paper or an Excel spreadsheet can give you more information about your tasks than any other manager. Put your to-do list on Toggl and test your task estimation skills.

Top 8 Ways to Manage Your Tasks in Chrome

Toggl has different plans. The basic plan is free and can give you a lot of insight into how you manage your work and downtime. Chrome extension will help you to track time in any web application. It even has a Pomodoro timer that tells you to take a break.

Download: Toggl Button for Chrome

Do you need a simple or complex solution?

There are two approaches to homework. They can be simple or complex. A simple Post-It stuck on your screen is enough for some cases. Collaboration and teamwork have more trouble juggling, so a task manager with more features should meet those needs.

The Method for Planning and Managing Tasks The Fool Testing System for Planning and Managing Multiple Projects The Fool Testing System for Planning and Managing Multiple Projects Full Horizon Planning is an easy system for managing multiple active and inactive projects. It's incredibly unbreakable when it comes to those guaranteed daily distractions. We show you how to set it up digitally. Read More is more important than the media. There are millions of task apps and task managers out there. The trick is to choose the right one for your use, to extend its usefulness while keeping it simple.

Tell us about the methods you use to face the day..