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10 Habits Of People Who Are Not Successful

Successful people have good jobs, keep moving up and seem to have everything in their way. Then again there are people who are not successful. They're the ones who don't really make it very far in life. They never get a promotion or stay in the same job forever, and can't afford much. You would think that successful people are luckier, but they are not. No, they just have different habits. If you want to be successful, you should definitely not adopt these 10 habits.

1. They are experts at wasting time.

2. They like to put things off.

3. When the going gets tough, they just give up.

4. They don't take the time to consider how their actions might affect their future.

5. They take the easiest way.

6. They like to blame others.

7. They avoid change at all costs.

8. They spend time with other unsuccessful people.

9. Negativity is their way of life.

10. They talk a lot, but never persevere.