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Work:Which habits irritate colleagues the most?

motivated and operational troops. Joking, discussing life experiences with colleagues allows you to decompress and bring a little joy to the days that sometimes never end. However, sometimes a disturbing element systematically breaks this balance with inappropriate or invasive attitudes. A survey carried out by the University of Olivet Nazarene, located in the American state of Illinois, reveals that a large majority of employees would be annoyed by a work colleague:of the 2,000 people questioned, 73% admitted be disturbed daily by 2 to 5 people. Only 4% explained that they had never been bored in the professional space (lucky ones!).

Gossiping and… nibbling

So what are the behaviors most likely to irritate open space? Being loud and complaining regularly comes first, followed by gossip and controlling attitudes (in order to put others down). In third place, trips to the bathroom and awkward lunches/snacks. Finally, emails (we imagine that this refers to people who send too many or who are not necessarily polite) and meetings (stop for colleagues who want to do one every 2 hours) are mentioned in 4th place, just before the problem of personal hygiene. Well, we are at least sure of one thing:it is not in the arms of the fanatic who meets all these criteria that you will end up after the Christmas pot at work... Too bad, because an affair started at this time of the year with a colleague is likely to last! Come on, let's review all the staff, we have about 3 weeks left, after all...