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How to write a compelling cover letter?

There are many tips and tricks for a successful job interview (we also know how to answer THE trick question to perfection), but before meeting a potential employer, you often have to go through the not-so-foolish stage. writing the cover letter. If we know a more pleasant task, we must not neglect the content of the mail which can precisely land a crucial appointment. The specialists at Reek Recruitment, the UK's number 1 job site, reveal the secrets of the ideal cover letter that combines conciseness and clarity. First, the address and personal information should be written at the top right of the sheet, and that of the employer on the left. Addressing the recipient with a “Dear Sir, Dear Madam” is essential, and a surname is added if known at the time of writing. For the body of the text, there are 3 watchwords:brief, clear and powerful. It must not exceed the front of an A4 sheet (yes, employers are like us:quickly tired of the blabla).

Give up the temptation to say too much

However, the letter should not be too formal. In other words, avoid applying for different jobs with a basic model, which works for everyone. Experts recommend including only the personal qualities required for the position in question and showing some passion (or at least a great interest) for the mission at hand (even if this is not always the case). Duncan Watt, also an expert in the exercise, explains to The Independent that it is advisable to isolate the 3 or 4 elements that are considered the most important in the job offer and to approach them successively and in a logical manner. “Only talk about things that relate directly to the company or the position, if you have 20 good skills but only four of them are of interest to the employer, focus on those four -there “, he explains. In other words, we give up the temptation to say too much to put ourselves forward. “[Avoid] selling yourself too blatantly by saying things that, if true, mean you don't really need a job because you're already a 100% accomplished person % “, continues the specialist. Finally, the last mistake not to make:talk about what is expected of this new position, because "companies are more interested initially in what you have to offer them".

It is well noted ! If your resolution or your wish for the year 2018 is to find a job, we wish you good luck in advance!