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5 tips for the first days in a new job

Starting a new job can be downright stressful:fear of not being up to it, of not meeting nice people, of being overwhelmed by the tasks entrusted to us or of being bored (it happens!), of regret his old job… Here are some tips to make these first days go as smoothly as possible.

1/ Being ahead

Even if we are not in the morning, we force ourselves a little, at least for the first few weeks, to be very on time, even early. On the one hand, it will save us from the stress of traffic jams and/or worries in transport, but also from hurting our new colleagues and Duboss.

2/ Be polite

It happens to all of us to let go of a few bad words (well, more to some than to others…), but when you are new to a company, you pay attention to your language. Even better:we are careful to say hello and thank our new colleagues. These are small things, but they can set us off on a bad footing. That would be too stupid!

3/ Memorize first names

Ok, we were told 25 first names during the day and in the batch, we are almost sure to have heard 2 Margot, 3 Julie and 2 Thomas. It's going to be complicated... To avoid memory lapses (and the embarrassment that goes with it), we don't hesitate to write down the first names and functions of our new colleagues in our telephone, just to be able to take a look to our reminder before joining them at the cafe. We also pay attention to what they tell us, just to integrate quickly.

4/ Do not complain

Talking about your life long and wide and complaining about everything are two ways to quickly make enemies at work. Well, maybe not enemies, but frankly, as much as we accept people we know that they complain, as much it annoys us when someone we have just met does. At first, we therefore keep our remarks on the functioning of the company to ourselves and we avoid complaining at all costs, you never know who is hearing us...

5/ Be positive

It's rare to overflow with confidence when you start a new job, but we keep in mind that if we managed to convince our new boss during the interview, it means that we have what it takes for this job. ! We swell with confidence the first few days (without seeming arrogant) and we give our all, establishing our limits from the start (no question of leaving at 9 p.m. to impress Duboss!). We are interested in the life of the company and we make efforts to integrate (we go to the canteen with the others, we say yes to the coffee break, etc.). Clearly, we are the pleasant colleague we like to have, even if at first it is not easy to manage the workload and human relations at the same time.

Stress, who said stress?