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10 Tips for a Successful Career

Fortunately, making a career is also very common for women these days. Gone are the days when a woman had to settle for a simple office job “because later on she would stop working to take care of the children”. Yet there are still plenty of women who dream of a successful career and don't know how to go about it. Here are ten tips to ensure your career is successful.

1. Get a good education
A successful career starts with a good foundation. Follow a good education in a field that suits you. And, also not unimportant, choose a profession where you have good opportunities to find a nice job after your training. Of course, following a vocational training in a direction in which no work can be found does not make much progress.

2. Get good advice Start getting good advice as early as high school. Which profession is right for me and which training is required? Which subject package should I choose in secondary school to be able to start immediately with my education or study? Where is the school or university where I will do my further education? These are all questions that you should get an answer to early on.

3. Start applying on time
Are you almost done with your education, start applying now. For example, take a look at this online job bank for the best vacancies in your field. Even if you have not yet completed your education, you can already apply so that you can start work immediately as soon as you have your diploma.

4. Don't wait too long
Once you're on the job and you want to move up the ranks, make it work. Take additional courses or training to broaden your knowledge. This is not only achieved by gaining work experience, although this is very important.

5. Take care of your appearance
If you look good, that's a plus. While it shouldn't be allowed, the fact is that "beautiful people" get the better jobs. So take good care of yourself, go to the hairdresser regularly and feel free to put yourself in the new look more often.

6. Don't look for a job beyond your ability
Don't try to exceed your capabilities. You are not going to keep this up. Choose a job that suits you. It is of no use to anyone if you are already at home with a burnout before your thirties because you have taken too much on your fork. Not you at all.

7. Build a good network
If you hold a higher position, at HBO or WO level, make sure you have a good network. Your LinkedIn account can provide you with many benefits. Go to network drinks, even if you don't feel like it. Good contacts can always help you further.

8. Hold up a mirror to yourself every now and then
Stop every now and then and hold up a mirror to yourself. Give yourself some time now and then to reflect on your career so far. Is this what you want, are there still career opportunities? You can radically change tack at 40 and do something completely different, but it will cost you a lot of energy.

9. Know your qualities
If you're good at your job, use it. Dare to admit that you are doing your job well and that it should be rewarded. Waiting for someone to ask you for that nice job is possible, but the chances are greater that you will get it if you go after it yourself.

10. Take time for yourself
Work isn't everything. So make sure you have enough relaxation. Don't neglect your friends because work always comes first. Plan a vacation or a day off in time. This way you last longer and you do both your employer and yourself a favor.