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Rokjesdag or rokjesgate, a riot or a part?

And yes, it's that time again! If it's not about the movie skirt day, then it's about the fact that skirt day is not appreciated by everyone. Or at least not by that one specific Amsterdam official who caused a real #rokjesgate with the mail he forwarded to his employees.

In his mail he was loud and clear…


And there you are. The whole of the Netherlands is attacking your email when you really only want to (for the umpteenth time, if I understand correctly) clearly indicate that you do not think the clothing in question is appropriate in front of the counter.


When I scroll through my timeline, I see a lot of men who don't appreciate the statement of the team leader. Probably men who soon wanted to renew their passports at the town hall but are now afraid that they will find mother Theresa types behind the counter instead of the Marilyn Monroe-like 😉 .

Of course there are also women who respond. Is that the hair-on-the-teeth type? Or the I-fight-the-glass-ceiling type? Provided that I think that everyone should do what he wants, and therefore also do and wear what he (or she in this case) wants, I can imagine that there are functions in which certain clothing is not really appreciated .

Skirt Day in 2016

Fortunately, we are no longer of the age when we all have to show up to work in suits, or in a long dress that reaches the ankles. But a very short skirt with knee-high boots underneath… it does conjure up an image, doesn't it, ladies and gentlemen? I don't think it would have been appreciated at my previous employer if I had been like that at the time.

And now I am far from being good, but I do wonder why such an email can cause such a huge riot in the Netherlands. Is it that we have nothing better to do and therefore find it interesting in advance to piss off someone en masse? Or do we largely disagree with the statement that you should wear appropriate clothing for certain functions, if requested?

Look, that you make a one-time mistake in your choice of clothing and that you show up at work in your pit pussy outfit instead of in the pub where you normally dress like this, I still understand that. And that some of us (and that could just as well be men of course, just think of certain hairstyles, or tattoos), need a second warning because certain brain cells have not registered the first warning correctly, I can still get in there… but somewhere the limit is.

There comes a time when someone has to realize that skirt day doesn't necessarily mean you can pull out all the stops (or uhhhh, well… I mean actually… almost nothing, if you know what I mean ).

If you're just really honest. What do you think of this? Should everything always be possible, or is it not so strange that this official has taken a stand?