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10 signs it's time to quit your job

Sometimes it's hard to just get up and go to work. Perhaps you have a difficult assignment to complete or you have a problem with someone in the office that you would rather avoid. These are normal frustrations.
But sometimes you're beyond irritations, and you've reached a point where you'd rather quit your job to find something new. If you're suffering from any of the following, it's probably time to stop:

1. You have a bad feeling about your job. Always listen to your hunch. Especially if it doesn't feel right to think about work.

2. You no longer smile at work. The work is not only fun all day long, but you should at least enjoy your colleagues and have satisfaction in your work.

3. You constantly procrastinate. You should be enthusiastic and energetic about doing your job, not constantly looking for ways to distract yourself and avoid feeling that.

4. You realize there is no room to grow. Whatever the reason, if you want to progress and you find that it is not possible where you are sitting, the decision is quite clear.

5. You're bored. If you feel like you've done it all and nothing is challenging enough to hold your attention, you know what time it is.

6. You have every day "it's Monday again" feeling. Monday is the day when most of us don't feel like going to work, because yes the weekend is short. If you've been feeling this way all week, why spend your time doing something you don't want?

7. You feel unappreciated. You are not just a number, but sometimes you can get that feeling at some companies. If you feel like your employer doesn't value you as a person, it's time to go.

8. You don't fit in. Sometimes the company's values ​​and yours are not the same. It just doesn't feel right. If there's no sign that this won't change soon, there's a good chance you'll be unhappy if you stay.

9. You can't stand your boss. If you and your boss, no matter how many times you've tried, can't work things out together, it's wiser to leave before you get angry and frustrated.

10. You don't have time for yourself. If you work through so many late days and nights, and you no longer have time for yourself, it's time for that to change. Life is too short to just work.