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How to manage after burnout?

Physical activity after a burnout

Some people who suffer from a burnout continue to work. Others choose to take a break thanks to a work stoppage issued by a doctor. There is no rule, although it is recommended to take time to really rest for one to three months. This is also the time to start daily physical activity. The latter is essential after a burn-out! Jogging, walking, swimming or just taking your bike instead of the metro! Regardless of the activity, the important thing is to move and release tension. Exercising helps reduce stress and produces pleasure hormones.

Analyze what happened before the burnout

To avoid falling back into the spiral of burnout, it is important to understand why you have come to this. It is an important part of healing that is most often accompanied by a psychologist or psychoanalyst. The latter will help you to understand and above all to set up exercises so as not to make the same mistakes again:learn to say no, not to accept everything, to put less pressure on yourself, not always to aim for perfection... With one session one times a week, you can quickly progress and take care of yourself.

Getting back to work calmly after a burn-out

This is undoubtedly the most dreaded moment for many people who are victims of a burnout. Returning to the office is difficult after a work stoppage. If you stay in the same company, you can catch the eyes of others. But tell yourself that people are benevolent! After taking some time to rest and disconnect, returning to work will test your resolutions:you will quickly measure whether you manage to control pressure and stress.

Detect warning signs to avoid a new burn-out

This episode of suffering must be transformed into an enriching episode! Thus, it will have allowed you to know yourself better and to assess your limits. Self-confidence regained, you will no longer need to prove anything! It may also be the time to change jobs and consider a retraining that suits you better! Many people change paths after a burnout. And most say that this burnout allows you to know your priorities:the most important thing is not so much the work as the balance and the fulfillment it gives you!