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Job:how to ask for a raise in 2018?

Asking your boss for a raise is not an exercise that we would call "easy", especially in times of crisis. Only here, this bonus we deserve it and we really need it. So how do you put the odds on your side? Leaders and coaches told the Huffington Post their tips for taking stock of our skills and setting up a concrete argument...Add to that a little self-confidence, and it will be (almost) impossible to resist!

A targeted argument

The ideal before any request is to find out about the uses, so as to remain consistent and not to overestimate the amount that can be obtained (at the risk of not being taken seriously). We therefore keep in mind that an annual increase often represents between 1% and 5% of our salary. Regarding the argument, we remember that our boss is only concerned with the interests of the company, and not ours. Clearly, we forget his great speech on justice, equity and merit and we speak to him a language he knows:that of concrete figures. As Day Merrill, from 2BDetermined (a coaching company), explains, we take stock of our skills and remind our boss of everything we have brought (or gained) to the company, in terms of money, and therefore everything he would lose by no longer having us on his team if he did not grant us fairer remuneration. Finally, to hope for a favorable response, you show self-confidence and a little determination... After all, you deserve it!